Autumn holidays – this is the best way to save the autumn holiday

Especially in summer, people spend a lot of money. Why is that? The summer vacation is expensive and the culinary temptations we can almost not resist in the summer. So there is an ice cream for the children or the parents treat themselves to an ice-cold cocktail. Unfortunately, these expenses also reduce the holiday fund, which is why the holiday in the fall from a financial point of view for many travel enthusiasts is no longer bracing. What can you actually do to counteract this development and to treat yourself to something during the autumn holidays? Saving in the fall can be the key to this problem. However, the basics are laid in the summer.

Autumn holidays - this is the best way to save for the autumn holiday

An autumn holiday can actually be cheap

You can do some really great activities in the fall, but you do not have to put up with any big expenses. This will save you in the fall and still be able to offer something to your family. How about a nice hike through the Bavarian Forest? Here you will find numerous appealing hotels that score with an excellent relationship between price and performance. Even in the fall, the hotels want to occupy their rooms and therefore are often presented for the autumn holiday exceptionally good deals. Saving in the fall can therefore work well in the Bavarian Forest. The beautiful landscapes make the autumn holiday unique and countless free adventure playgrounds ensure that even the youngest ones do not miss out on the autumn holidays.

Autumn holidays: Experience impressive river landscapes

Germany is the land of rivers and lakes. Water fascinates the children and saving in the fall is thus easily possible. Why do not you decide for an autumn holiday at the campsite during the autumn holidays? The rents are compared to the hotel accommodation very low and the whole family will be thrilled by this venture. A camping holiday in the autumn holidays welds together and it is shown that saving in the fall can certainly be associated with unforgettable experiences. You can prepare your own meals during the autumn holidays at the campsite and save a lot of money.Image result for autumn holiday

Saving in the fall is possible without any problems

If you decide on cheap activities during your autumn vacation, then you must not miss the fun. On the contrary, because often the most beautiful autumn vacation. Just try it out and experience great adventures in the middle of nature in the fall. With beautiful walks or an exciting camping holiday, the whole family gets their money and the common activities are the focus. In this country you are offered many opportunities for this unforgettable autumn holiday and you should definitely use this.

Do you save a lot of money in the fall and still can not go on the autumn vacation? Then there is another solution. A short-term online loan from Nora Helmer fills up your vacation fund and you can enjoy the fall to the fullest. The online loan from Nora Helmer is fast on the account – with the XpressService you get the money within 24 hours. All you have to do is select the loan amount and the term, then complete the loan application and in 60 seconds you will receive the credit decision. The online loan is a great way to supplement your travel budget and enjoy the fall.

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Image result for horizon 2020

During May, the selected companies were announced to move to Phase II of the SME Instrument . Among the selected one of the projects presented by INBIOTIC-ESMEDAGRO . The development project of a novel bio-fungicide is framed in the topic of Food Security and Sustainability .

A total of 161 PYMES from 23 countries have been selected in Phase I. Each project receives an economic endowment of € 50,000 to develop the feasibility studies of the project and have three days of business coaching.

Of the 1569 proposals received in phase I on March 18, 2015, only 151 have been selected to move to phase II. The country with the most representatives is Spain with 34, followed by Italy with 25 and the United Kingdom 18.


Beneficiaries by countries

On the other hand, the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) presented last week the results of projects approved in its last Board of Directors. € 50 million in 81 business R & D & i projects. In total these projects generate 793 jobs, mostly highly qualified.

Of the 81 projects in which 84 companies participate, 65.5% are SMEs, of which 34.5% belong to high technology sectors and receive CDTI funding for the first time.

Among the 62 individual R & D projects approved there are two projects presented by INBIOTIC-ESMEDAGRO , with a total budget of 941 thousand euros. These have a non-refundable Tranche of 20% and 85% CDTI financing.

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The beneficiary of life insurance, rights and obligations

Image result for life insuranceUnlike other insurances, in which we cover contingencies that revert to ourselves, be it our health, a blow to the car or a loss in our home, in Life Insurance, we do it essentially thinking of others, in the economic protection of those we love most. For all these reasons, a figure of the beneficiary , the person in whom in the event of death he will receive the economic benefit stipulated in the insurance contract, acquires special importance.

The express choice of the same brings advantages and facilities in many cases at the time of collection, but the issue is that there is no such obligation and therefore in many cases at the time of death we can find that there is no designated beneficiary. If so, in case of death, the amount of life insurance will be received by the legal heirs of the insured person .

If on the opposite side, there is express designation of the beneficiary, in this case the law provides for two ways of doing so, either in the policy itself or this express designation can be made in the will.

Rights and obligations of the beneficiaries

The fundamental right of the beneficiary of life insurance is the collection of the economic benefit agreed in the policy, but also has a series of obligations before receiving this perception.

To receive it, you must identify yourself to the insurance company. If you are listed as a beneficiary expressly in the policy, you will not have any problem, if not, you will have an additional procedure, submit the corresponding designation of heirs made before a Notary, either because there is a will or because they are legally established after applying for a certificate. Acts of Last Will. This document certifies if a person has given a will (may have made several, the most important being the last one that annuls the previous ones) and before which Notary or Notaries. In this way, the heirs may go to the authorizing Notary of the last testament and obtain an authorized copy thereof and with it perform any inheritance act such as the collection of life insurance.

The next step is to liquidate the taxes that entail the collection of life insurance. The perception of money by the beneficiaries of life insurance as a consequence of the death of the insured person, provided that the contractor is different from the beneficiary, is subject to the Inheritance and Donations Tax . With this, the amount received by the beneficiary must be accumulated to the value of the assets and rights that are part of his share in the inheritance. But, in order to collect the life insurance without waiting for the inheritance process, it is usual practice a partial self-assessment of the tax for the value of the policy, taking into account that the rest of the inheritance must be presented and / or self-assessed before the end of the six-month period. The insurers can not make the payment of the policy effective if it is not justified to have presented the corresponding documentation or have self-assessed the tax.

Finally, we must not forget another right, to be able to consult the existence of any insurance in order to manage its collection. In Spain there is a registry of Insurance Contracts with Death Coverage since 2005. This public register under the Ministry of Justice can find all the necessary information so that the beneficiaries of a life insurance can know if a deceased person had contracted this type of products case as well as get all the necessary information to be able to claim the insurer .

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