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The Best Desk Lamps for Doing Makeup

In order to do makeup flawlessly you have to work in the correct lighting. Overhead lights are too harsh to use. You want to find the best desk lamp and position it properly on a surface in the room where you most often do your makeup. You can learn all the most professional tips to do your makeup but without the correct lighting you cannot do the best job of putting your makeup on.

The desk lamp you use should be made especially for the task of putting on makeup.  The ideal thing to do is have two lamps at either side of your face and have them meet you at eye level when you are seated. There are special desk lamps made for makeup that fold out to provide just such a set up. More at

The Best Desk Lamps for Doing Makeup

Make sure to choose daytime bulbs for the lamp you buy. These provide natural lighting as opposed to harsh lighting which can make you apply too much bronzer or blusher.

A perfect desktop mirror is also one that has dimmable lights. You can choose to put your makeup on in day light, evening-type lighting and office-type lighting.  Some mirrors offer these types of lighting using terms like cool white, regular white and daylight. The mirror should also be adjustable so you can rotate it horizontally and vertically. More at

Find desk mirrors that have magnification, too. Most will allow you to magnify up to seven times so that you can apply makeup or perform other grooming with the greatest precision.

The easiest way to find the right desk lamp is to search for makeup desk lamps online or to search for lighted makeup mirrors. You will find that you apply your makeup perfectly every time when you use the correct lamp.

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