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Tips On How To Choose The Best Wood Lathe Tools

Wood lathes are power tools for garages or workshops that rotate pieces of wood around an axis that is horizontal allowing you to cut, drill, sand, face and turn wood so that you can form these pieces into finished shapes. Common types of wood lathe activities include table or chair legs, bowls, spoons, cups, and more.

The best type of wood lathe for a workshop depends on the available space, the power output required, and the woodworking project types you are interested in. In general, benchtop or mini lathes are better for smaller workspaces, the midi lathes are ideal for a medium workspace, while full-sized wood lathes take up a lot more space.

Regardless of the size that you decide on, it is important to choose a premium-quality wood lathe you can rely on for many years to come. Here is an overview of the different wood lathes to help you decide on the best wood lathe tools for your needs.

Wood Lathe Types


Wood lathes are available in three main types. These include the mini or benchtop, the midi, and the full-size. However, if you use a drill press, it is possible to use wood lathe attachments, that will allow you to turn your wood vertically rather than horizontally.

Benchtop Or Mini


Wood lathes are regarded as a benchtop or mini lathe when it has a distance of 20-inches or less between centers (DBC) and a swing-over-bed (SOB) of 12-inches or less. Simply put, the DBC is the length of the wood that you can use, and SOB refers to the diameter of the wood that rotates on your lathe.



The midi lathes fall between a full-sized and mini lathe in both size and power. The mid-sized wood lathes feature a design that is similar to the compact sizes of the benchtop wood lathes and a bit of the capacity or power potential of full-size lathes.

These wood lathe tools allow for a way to engage in larger projects while not having to worry about sacrificing floor space, especially in crowded workshops. These wood lathe types range widely in DBC, which often drop below 20-inches in size. The midi lathes are also more expensive, but still costs less than the full-size lathes.

Full Size


The full-size lathe has a powerful motor that takes up a lot more space than the benchtop/mini or midi wood lathes. They usually stand on their own at heights of around 4 feet, allowing for the easiest access to projects. The large lathes also have a much wider DBC that ranges over 45-inches in length, with an SOB that often exceeds 15-inches in diameter.

The full-size lathes allow you to engage in many different types of woodworking projects, which include making baseball bats or detailed and intricate table legs. However, the power and size of these wood lathes translate into higher costs when compared to the mini or midi lathes. The full-size lathe is recommended for experienced woodworkers or for those that require larger capacities for their intended projects. More at


Benefits Of The Best Mini Portable Washing Machines

Mini washing machines are big sellers on Amazon as more and more people learn about their existence and the conveniences they offer. While portable washing machines of the past had many issues, today’s models benefit from innovative technologies and design engineering.

For those living in small studios in highrises with no on-site laundry facilities, an investment in one of the latest modern mini washing machines can be a real life-changer, not to mention a massive money saver. What’s more, if you need to move, you can take your new machine with you, and you won’t need to hire a plumber or electrician to get the machine back into commission.


While mini washing machines can’t accommodate bulky items like bath mats, pillows, duvets, bedspreads, throws, curtains, pet beds, winter coats, and sleeping bags, they can handle most items of everyday clothing.

Of course, the machines may not be able to cope with greasy heavy-duty work clothes or multiple pairs of thick jeans, but you can wash all your socks, boxers, panties, gym clothes, shirts, dresses, pajamas, etc.

Mini portable washing machines are also great for those who like to travel. Campervans and caravans rarely have the space for a full-sized machine, not to mention the facilities to supply high water pressure, heat large volumes of water, and dispose of waste. When using a mini washing machine while traveling, you should always use eco washing powders that are safe for the environment.


The good news is that high-quality mini models are available for less than $100, and many come with multiple tap adaptors for universal compatibility. Think about how much money you currently at the launderette or the time you waste hand washing all your clothes.

When it comes to buying a portable washing machine online, product research is vital. There is now a wide range of different models in the market, and not all models deliver the results their product descriptions promise.

Taking note of customer star ratings and reviews is a good way to gain some insights into a particular machine, but it also pays to read expert buyer guides from industry experts. Such experts are paid to be impartial and have the funds to trial products from multiple brands and inform you of how each model compares to another.

The best portable washing machine for a single professional living in a tiny new york apartment is likely to be different from the best one for nomads, the best one for college students, and the best one for large families living in a rural trailer park. Always strive to buy the best product for your unique use case rather than the one with the highest ratings or annual sales.

Final Takeaway

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