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Best Bluetooth Light Bulb Reviews

Looking for the best Bluetooth light bulb? If so, you are not alone. Thousands of folks are doing the same thing these days. They want to take their nights to a new level with the best Bluetooth light bulb today, and they are serious about it.

We will let you know more about some of the best Bluetooth light bulbs out there so you can pick up the right one for you. This will just allow you to get what you want right away. These bulbs will take your nights to a new level down the road, and that is awesome just for you too. More at

MagicLight Bluetooth Light Bulb

Best Bluetooth Light Bulb

The MagicLight Bluetooth Light Bulb is just awesome. These the changing lights that you need to get today. They have a lot of colors that you will truly enjoy in no time flat too. Yes, the MagicLight Bluetooth Light Bulb will give you just that right off the bat too.

Do you have issues sleeping? If so, the MagicLight Bluetooth Light Bulb will just allow you to get just that in no time flat too. The MagicLight Bluetooth Light Bulb will just allow you to get the infinite possibilities that you just have been seeking for a long time too. down the line these amazing days.

Flux Bluetooth Bulb

Smart Light Bulb

The Flux Bluetooth Bulb is just terrific because no hub is needed to install the Flux Bluetooth Bulb these days too. The Flux Bluetooth Bulb will just allow you to set the perfect ambiance for any moment in your lifespan too. The Flux Bluetooth Bulb’s app comes with millions of colors for you to choose from right away too.

Smart Light Bulb by Lumenty

Led Wifi Smart Light Bulb

The Smart Light Bulb by Lumenty will just allow you to control the light with your app, and you will not need any sort of hub to install this device. Yes, the Smart Light Bulb by Lumenty is truly awesome and it will give you the dimmable night light that you just have been seeking for a long time too.

The Smart Light Bulb by Lumenty will give you the bright white that you just have been seeking for a long time too. The Smart Light Bulb by Lumenty will just allow you to control the machine’s bulb effects in no time flat too.

We have just talked about some of the best Bluetooth light bulbs out there. They will just allow you to take your nights to a new level quickly and easily, and that is just part of the fun. Remember also that the MagicLight Bluetooth Light Bulb will just allow you to change lights right away too.

The Flux Bluetooth Bulb is just out of this world because this device will just allow you to control the light via an app. Yes, this is true and you will get the hang of it in no time flat too. Do this right now so you can even have more fun right away. Remember also that the Smart Light Bulb by Lumenty will give you the dimmable night light that you love.

The Best Desk Lamps for Doing Makeup

The Best Desk Lamps for Doing Makeup

In order to do makeup flawlessly you have to work in the correct lighting. Overhead lights are too harsh to use. You want to find the best desk lamp and position it properly on a surface in the room where you most often do your makeup. You can learn all the most professional tips to do your makeup but without the correct lighting you cannot do the best job of putting your makeup on.

The desk lamp you use should be made especially for the task of putting on makeup.  The ideal thing to do is have two lamps at either side of your face and have them meet you at eye level when you are seated. There are special desk lamps made for makeup that fold out to provide just such a set up. More at

The Best Desk Lamps for Doing Makeup
The Best Desk Lamps for Doing Makeup

Make sure to choose daytime bulbs for the lamp you buy. These provide natural lighting as opposed to harsh lighting which can make you apply too much bronzer or blusher.

A perfect desktop mirror is also one that has dimmable lights. You can choose to put your makeup on in day light, evening-type lighting and office-type lighting.  Some mirrors offer these types of lighting using terms like cool white, regular white and daylight. The mirror should also be adjustable so you can rotate it horizontally and vertically. More at

Find desk mirrors that have magnification, too. Most will allow you to magnify up to seven times so that you can apply makeup or perform other grooming with the greatest precision.

The easiest way to find the right desk lamp is to search for makeup desk lamps online or to search for lighted makeup mirrors. You will find that you apply your makeup perfectly every time when you use the correct lamp.

How To Choose The Best Floor Lamps For Your Living Room

If you have a living room that does not have enough light, you will need to get a floor lamp. These are designed to provide light in at least one area of the room. Depending upon the size of the living room, and the height of the ceiling, you can make your choice based upon what they have available. Some of them are very stylish, consisting of just one lightbulb, whereas others are going to have multiple ones. Others are going to be in the shape of the shelf that can be easily placed in the corner of your living room, adding to the overall home decor. Here is how you can choose the best floor lamps for your living room that will improve the way your living room looks dramatically.

Different Types Of Living Room Lamps

The best types of living room lamps are going to be those that fits, and also those that can produce enough light. Many of them are going to be on a circular pedestal, some of which are going to have a lampshade up above. Others are going to be circular at the top, distributing light at a broader range. Still others will be in the shape of a rectangular shelf that will fit in your corner. All of these are excellent choices, but the one that you may want to choose could be based upon how much light it will actually admit.

The Brightest Floor Lamps For Your Living Room

Some of the brightest ones will include the Medusa floor lamp. This can have as many as five different lights. Although these can point in multiple directions, they are often placed in the corner. You can sometimes adjust the lamp brightness with each individual light, or they will all change at the same time. Another way is to use an LED light that is pivotal, allowing you to direct the light wherever he wanted to go. More at

How To Get Great Deals On These For Less

The best deals come from companies that are going to present hundreds of different styles. There are businesses that only focus on home decor, and there are also home improvement stores. The best deals that you can get if you don’t want to go to a store will come from companies like Amazon. You can see not only the many different lamps they have available, but the customer reviews that have been posted, helping you to make the right choice. Some of these are going to be at a substantial discount, and in some cases, you will be able to get free shipping. It just depends on which ones you order, and in a matter of days, you will have that lamp delivered.

The best floor lamps for living rooms are very easy to identify. You should be able to find a couple of them within a few minutes. Based on the reviews that you read and the prices they are charging, as well as how long it will take to ship to your location, you can make your choice by the end of the hour. Once you have received it, and it is set up, your living room is going to look completely different. It will light up most if not all of the entire room, making it much more pleasant to spend time with the family, do reading, or simply watch television in this room that so many people in your family will use. More at

What factors do I need to take into consideration when choosing a desk lamp?

Desk lamps often come in different styles and finishes. Taste is personal, so there is no right or wrong choice in this department—the style, size, shape, and finish are all up to your personal preference. Choosing a lamp style that matches the décor of your space is smart, though. If you have contemporary or modern décor, you’ll want a contemporary or modern desk lamp. Do your cabinets and drawers have brushed nickel or rubbed bronze handles? Match (or complement) your desk lamp finish to the other finishes in your space when possible. At the same time, don’t pick a task lamp based on looks alone.

If you are using your desk lamp in a space that is used for other activities, such as watching TV, you might want a light with a dimmer on it and possibly a more focused, controlled beam of light. A lamp with a 30 degree beam spread will direct light onto the surface you wish to highlight but won’t send any stray light out to affect other activities in the room. LED desk lights tend to have the most controlled beams of light, as LEDs are directional light sources. More at

It isn’t efficient or even effective to use the same amount of light across a whole room or work environment, so that’s why we need task lighting and task lights. A good desk lamp is particularly important in the modern work environment or home office, as viewing a computer monitor requires far less light than does reading a typewritten page.

Overhead lighting levels can be reduced to a level appropriate for monitor viewing, which creates a softer, more pleasant overall atmosphere and saves energy. Work surfaces can then be supplemented with task lighting from desk lights or reading lamps to give workers total control over where and how much light they need for other tasks, such as reading a document.

Lighting is very important when it comes to making your house look beautiful. Lights and lamps also serve a functional purpose. There is more to buying a table lamp than grabbing the first one you think looks pretty. You also need to think about your needs. You should consider size, color, scale, function and wattage. Even your own height is important! Your choice of table lamp depends on what you want the lamp for. Is it for dining and entertaining? Is it for reading or working? Or just for some extra lighting? These tips should help you choose the best table lamp for your needs.

1.TaoTronics Elune Desk Lamp

The TaoTronics desk lamp is perfect for those who want bright light at an affordable price. 30 dollars gets you 30 LEDs and 450 lumens of power. The soft uniform light is ideal for reading and doesn’t flicker like other value options. It also has an incredible lifespan. According to the manufacturer, this lamp is rated to last for 25 years and uses 75% less energy than incandescent lights with similar brightness.

The Elune also offers a good degree of flexibility. It has 7 brightness settings that range from 5500 to 6000 K. An adjustable gooseneck gives further control over light positioning and brightness, and the lamp itself is adjustable.

2.Beat Lamp by Tom Dixon

British designer Tom Dixon’s Beat range is inspired by traditional Indian water vessels. The table lamp has a conical shade and pivot detail in brass, which contrasts with a black finish. The shade can be adjusted to position the light.

3.Z-Bar High Power LED Lamp

Z-Bar desk lamp by Koncept design.
Includes 6 LED lights that provide the most natural daylight lighting.
4 dimming control options.
Uses only 9 watts power, making it very energy efficient.
Includes a desk clamp.

If you never actually do any work but want something that looks good, there are plenty of options…

Layering – as all good interior designers know, creating an atmosphere in a room is all about layering light. A desk lamp is another weapon in your lighting design armoury, when coordinated with your floor lamps, table lamps, overhead lights and natural light. You can wire up a best desk lamp for studying along with your other light sources to a central control panel, with with pre-set lighting ‘scenes’ for different moods and times of day.

Accenting – a lamp with a tall stand that can be angled is an ideal tool for spotlighting a feature, such as beautiful object or an ornamental corner of a room. Make sure you get a lamp that can be pointed, and use a light that is around three times brighter than the general ambient light in the room.

Decoration – these days, desk lamps come in all sorts of interesting and contemporary styles – classic, industrial, retro, modern – so you’ll have no trouble finding something that blends with the rest of your décor, and becomes a design feature in itself, even if you never do a stroke of work at your desk. More at

Popular Floor Lamp Brands

For a lot of buyers, look and price will be the determining factors in picking out a floor lamp, but one extra factor you should consider as well is brand reputation. A floor lamp that looks great won’t necessarily last all that long. The best way to pick out a floor lamp that will work consistently for a long period of time is to go with a brand known for making quality products.

We looked at the reviews of a few of the most popular floor lamp brands in the market to give you a snapshot of what customers think of their floor lamps. Here’s what we found.


Adesso sells a wide range of floor lamps that come in different types of designs and at different price points. Most of their lamps earn strong reviews for looking good and providing plenty of light. Some lamps get complaints for a range of issues, such as having parts that seem cheap or leaning instead of standing upright.

Most customers are happy with their purchase, but to get a clear idea of what to expect from any particular lamp you consider of theirs, checking out the reviews is prudent.

Cal Lighting

Cal Lighting’s floor lamps get predominantly positive reviews for being well designed, offering enough light, and being easy to assemble. Most of the complaints that show up have to do with particular customers not feeling the lamp looked just as they expected. On the whole, customers are satisfied with Cal Lighting’s floor lamps.


Ikea sells floor lamps that are especially affordable and get mostly positive reviews from customers. Reviewers say they’re sturdy and well made for the price. A few customers had complaints about product-specific issues, like a lampshade being too thin or a lamp not fitting standard light bulbs. But most reviewers are satisfied with the good value they received.

Normande Lighting

Normande Lighting provides affordable floor lights that customers say are a good value for the price and provide great light for reading. Most customers are happy enough to give their lamps four and five-star ratings, suggesting customer satisfaction’s a safe bet with Normande.

Zuo Modern

Zuo Modern makes high-end floor lamps that come in unique, artistic designs. While there are fewer reviews of their lamps online than some of the other brands, the customers that did take the time to share their opinions are thrilled with how beautiful and well designed the lamps are. If you want a floor lamp that doubles as an art piece, they’re a good choice.

Choose a lamp that has an attached magnifier so that you can zoom in simultaneously on details without having to worry about the lighting.

Another adjustability feature that has been most useful with respect to these desk lamps is their clamp or clip base. That way they can ensure that it is above your head, not in your eyes and still manages to get you enough light to cover the work area on your desk.

Rooms can turn out to be gorgeous if you know how to style them without overdoing it. Who knows, a few mismatch of items and colors may work best for your lifestyle when they are unable to do so for another. Add layers this way. You should make certain that neither the light bulb socket nor even the neck of the light bulb is visible from a seated or a standing spot. The height in most cases does not matter when they are elegantly designed. Make sure that the shade you get for it saves everyone from the extra glare. Keep a note of the fabrics of these lampshades as well since they affect the light element and tend to have their individual cleaning needs too. More at

A Brief But Illuminating History Of Lamps

The word “lamp” was first used to describe the oil lamp, a primitive but effective tool that could produce light and a bit of heat for hours on end when properly maintained. More stable than a torch and producing a more lasting flame than a candle, oil lamps were used all around the ancient world, from the Arctic to Africa to Greece and Rome to the Far East and Near East.

In the late 18th Century, gas lighting first came to prominence. Natural gas produced a relatively cleanly burning light and was available in abundance. Gas lighting would be the primary source of illumination throughout much of the 19th Century, with streets and homes alike featuring gas lamps. Just as quickly as this new technology had supplanted the age old candle and oil lamp, it too would see its position usurped by electric light.

First developed by Humphry Davy in the first decade of the 1800s but not made practical until the work of Thomas Edison decades later, the incandescent lightbulb would be the primary light source of the 20th Century. Available in all shapes and sizes, capable of lighting up whole city blocks or of twinkling softly among the boughs of a Christmas tree, incandescent lightbulbs represented a monumental leap forward in illumination technology. They provided a cheap, reliable, and safe form of light that controlled with the flick of a switch.

While today LED, halogen, and other types of lightbulb are growing popular, they are designed to fit into sockets created for incandescent bulbs. Chances are good that your own home and office are both loaded with incandescent lights largely taken for granted save when they fail. We rely on illumination so casually we scarcely think about it until that moment a bulb burns out, or until we realize we are straining to see the pages of a book or the keys of out computer. Often, then, a hand stretches out and flips a switch or pulls a cord, bringing to life a humble yet indispensable object known as the desk lamp. More at